Dating tip part.1

Hey guys,

So every now and then I want to share tips on beginning stages of dating (especially for my eve’s). Let’s begin. You meet this really cute guy and he ask you out on a date. You guys settle on  the upcoming weekend and of course you’re excited because he’s freaking hot and you hope his hotness matches his personality. Ok, so you go home tell your closes friend/mom (you know how we girls do). Fast-forward it’s the weekend and you are looking for the perfect outfit; pause…

#1 When looking for a “first date” outfit “cute” is the goal (minimal cleavage), “sexy” is only appropiate when the relationship receives a title. Remember, first dates are for getting to know your potiential man and getting to know whats in his head that is supported by his neck and shoulders.. not the other head!

Now that you have on your “cute” outfit, he picks you up and you guys  heads out to for dinner. The waitress sits you two and allows you time to look over your menu; pause…

#2 STOP LOOKING AT THAT BURGER! First dates are also about first impressions. When you are eating in front of a man choose something you are able to use a fork and knife with like a steak. Always remember to use a napkin to cover your lap. Remember burgers are for 5th dates.

Hopefully these tips are of assistance, stay tuned for part. 2.


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